Who are we?

Haitse Wiersma

Haitse Wiersma, is the fouder of eCom Pro. In the past he has been responsible for the daily operation and development of Tweakers.net Pricewatch, the Dutch most searched on price-comparison site. During these years as manager he has advised many shops, manufacturers and affiliates on the development and implementation of price and product databases and feeds. Further he advised multiple (web) shops in regards to the development of their (web)shop lay out and e-Commerce opportunities. Before that Haitse has generated ample experience in retail and B2B through his own computer companies.

Haitse Wiersma is member of the workgroup Commerce Platform for Project Shopping 2020 for eComPro.

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Shopping 2020 smHaitse Wiersma is namens eCom Pro lid van de werkgroep Commerce Platformen voor het Project Shopping 2020.

Toine Bax

Toine Bax has a rich retail internet history. As commercial and operational director of Kieskeurig.nl, and later as initiator and final responsible manager of startup Selectivo.nl, he knows all there is to know in the product- and price-comparison arena. Through the years, he has built a vast experience in company build up, expansion of companies or departments within, and general management. Further he has worked at well-known appliance-importers in heavy marketing and sales roles. Through is own consultancy agency he has executed projects in the area of (a.o.) business development, e-commerce applications, e-strategy (integration of on- and offline) project management and internet marketing,

Toine Bax is for eCom Pro member of the workgroup Merchandising of Project Shopping 2020.

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Shopping 2020 smToine Bax is namens eCom Pro lid van de werkgroep Merchandising voor het Project Shopping 2020.

Marco van Beest has worked many years at multiple price-comparison companies. At Kieskeuring.nl , Tweakers.net and specially with start up Selectivo.nl he has learned all about the possible difficulties companies can encounter with their e-commerce and on line marketing. Through tight cooperation with webstores of all scales he build a wide experience in building sites, client friendly and search engine friendly websites, assortment, price setting, data feeds and affiliates. Marco has also worked with large distributors of automation products in the past, where he gained knowledge on and experience in online Business- to-Buisness sales and marketing. Though his former own company he has also build insight in the Business to Consumer activities.

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