The Buying Guide

The Buying guide is a new method of online shopping. Rather than just showing the technical specification to your clients, through eCom Pro Buying expert you can effortless answer the consumers questions.

This dynamic and interactive tool engages and informs the consumer on your webshop about what is the best product for their needs and how to use it. As their questions are answered and suitable products are immediately selected, clients can get straight to the ordering. Having good information on your webshop will prevent clients form wondering off to other places like fora and information sites that might distract them from actually ordering with you. It is therefore clear how the Buying guide will improve your conversion rate.

Easy implementation

The Buying expert is easily implemented in your webstore. The only thing you need is a Google product feed and an empty webpage. Al the rest is being taken care of by eCom Pro’s servers.

We will need no efforts from you or your IT specialists in the process.

You can be using the benefits of the Buying guide in as little as 1 week without any effort from your site.
If you are interested in the benefits the Buying expert can bring to your webshop; please do not hesitate to contact us !

Increase conversion

Raise your conversion rate by using the Buying guides.

By truly helping the consumer, and no longer overloading him with technical details, you will increase the conversion rate in your webstore. Further; you will gain influence on the choices the consumer makes in your store. No longer will the price of a product be the leading factor, but the service and advice you give will make a consumer turn to you.

Several Buying guides

Wasmachine koopexpert

Televisie koopexpert