Shopping 2020

Branches and companies encounter big changes in the area of (online) consumer products and services. Shopping 2020 aims to map out the future developments of e-commerce. How does your customer shop in 2020? Toine Bax of eCom Pro is n member of the workgroup ‘Selection’ and ‘Merchsndising’ for Shopping 2020.

The main questions from the workgroup Selection are:

  • How does a consumer make his choice? What are the best practices towards user-friendliness, experience, personalization, recommendations, and the currently already desired product/price/delivery information?
  • Taking into account the macro developments, how can consumers be brought to a purchase in 2020? What demands will be put on user-friendliness, experience, personalization, recommendations, product/price/delivery information?

The central questions of Shopping 2020

How does a consumer shop online in 2020 and what actions need to taken on national-, branch- and company level to ensure that B2C entrepreneurs can meet the demands, both nationally and internationally?

Why shopping 2020?

Branches and company encounter big changes in the area of (online) sales of consumer products and services. You can think of :

  • Changing consumer behavior
  • New positons in the chain
  • Shifts in revenue
  • Digitalized products and services
  • International competition

The goal of Shopping 2020
The goal of research program Shopping 2020 is to develop a vison for the future on online sales of products and services in a broad social perspective.

  • To offer a platform for market players to reach a perspective for online B2C entrepreneurial Netherlands that is accepted throughout the sector.
  • To enable and encourage a sharing of knowledges between all participants, so members and business partners can form a strategy and develop concrete actions to respond to the future
  • To enable local, national and international entities to create their policy to prepare the Netherlands for the major future developments.