Data Management

A webstore should be more than a good URL and some pretty pictures of products. As there are so many webstores and online products the consumers will easily loose track or get stressed out. Consumers want to navigate in a simple way and be guided directly towards the products they need. A ‘flat folder’ will no longer suffice for this goal.

The next generation webstores will have to aid and assist the consumers in making the right decision. And as such, they will have to educate the consumer even more; using the product data in a perspective that can help and guide the client to make their choice.

In most modern webstores we already see filter options implemented. In the near future, the consumer will demand much more of online retail; the webshop will effectively have to take an informing and selling role. Bring the online decision into your store. It will be your challenge to ensure that the choice is made online directly in your shop, rather than through Google or some comparison website. As these comparison tools will select a product and then select a store that sells it; the choice for a store will predominantly be price driven.

So e-commerce will have to improve their connection to the consumer process of choosing. Online retailers have to improve the way they inform and advice. Not only show the ‘hard’ product information, but also translate these ‘hard‘ facts to the questions and answers a client might pose and will want to get answered during their search for the right product. To reach this improvement, the current Choice-aids will need to develop to virtual advisors; the search functions needs to correspond to the questions of the consumer; the structure, navigation and categories need to link to the way of thinking of the consumer, rather than the qualities of the products.

To for fill the client’s needs, product information build- up will need to implement a change The ‘hard’ product information will need to be structured and normalized. The product specifications will need to be the same over the length of all suppliers and products. At the same time all information needs to be handled through all categories in an uniform and unambiguous manner. Only with these requirements are in place the consumer’s questions can be answered. At that moment a webstore can truly give advice on basis of the consumers wishes and can e-commerce take the active sales role.

With all this in place, also ‘soft’ criteria can be added. Think of test reports, user manuals, reviews etc. To structure and normalize the data of multiple sources eCom Pro’s Product Data Manager can be deployed easily. To get this process started, or completely executed, you can appeal to our consultants, that can work for you on a temporary basis. Or, if you just want to pick our brains about the possibilities, please contact us here.