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Which product should I buy to meet my needs?

A question numerous consumers ask before purchasing a product. Nowadays the consumer wants more extensive and more complete product information.

Educating these consumers is an important task of online retail(ers). It will no longer suffice to show the consumer the product or its product content, it is vital to actually help the consumer online. To this purpose good product data is essential!

Help the consumer with his question!

To assist and aide the consumer, tools like a ‘Buying guide’ , a ‘Virtual salesman’, and dynamic navigation are essential for a webshop. These virtual tools however can only add value when loaded with structured and normalised product content.

A digital salesman helps and advises. Let’s be honest; do you really think an average consumer is familiar with the functions of an optical drive? Or knowing differences between a Core i7 and a Core i5? Between 10 or 16 million pixels and kilo-, mega- or terabytes ?

Especial online you need someone (or something) that can translate the technical specifications into user wishes and demands.
You need to ensure that the consumer can navigate between your products to find the best suited one, using his own defined wishes and demands (soft criteria). The use of automated virtual selling advisors (Buying guide) and dynamic navigation- and search functions makes this possible.

Structured and normalised content

eCom Pro’s helps companies like yours to improve and enrich your content, by using our Product Data Manager. Through the Product Data Manager you are also enabled to create a true online sales advisor, specific for your product ranges.

Further your sales can be expanded in up- and cross selling by automated connection of accessories options for the selected products. Which in turn will increase both conversion rate and average purchase amount of your webstore. On top of this, eCom Pro’s Product Data Manager service will also dramatically reduce the effort and costs associated with generating product content.